Lisa Cavalli -Green is a multi-award winning Hair and Makeup Designer, with enormously varied experience in film, television and commercials.

Joining Thames Television in its heyday gave her unique experience and training, working on Light Entertainment, Drama, Comedy and Children's programmes.
She was fortunate to meet some of the all-time comedy greats, working with Morecambe and Wise and Kenny Everett gave her a fantastic insight into the unique hair and makeup requirements for the comedy show.

When she left Thames her first freelance job as a designer was 'The Day To Day' where she met the amazing talents of Steve Coogan, Armando Ianucci, and Chris Morris, the show gave her an opportunity to demonstrate her unique ability in creating characters. She then went on to create the iconic look of Paul and Pauline Calf and Alan Partridge for Steve Coogan, working on many series.

Since then she has been responsible for creating the iconic looks of the many 'Little Britain' characters, working with the hugely talented Matt Lucas and David Walliams after doing a series of 'Rock Profiles' with both of them. BAFTA awarded her the first and only makeup award for a sketch show (so far) which was a huge achievement as she was up against some very accomplished dramas.
Lisa also works closely with some of the best prosthetic artists in the country and has created the iconic looks of the naked 'Bubbles' in 'Little Britain' and many new characters in 'Come Fly With Me'. It was her work on the latter that was once again honoured with an award by the Royal Television Society (RTS).

Furthermore, the RTS acknowledged her achievements on 'Little Britain' by awarding her for all three series of 'Little Britain' stating that "Lisa has raised the bar for makeup".
'Little Britain's' highly successful tour of the UK created its own challenges including Lisa's hair and makeup designs that allowed makeup and hair changes in less than a minute.

Later working with Jocelyn Jee Esien on 'Little Miss Jocelyn' for two series she once again created a wealth of characters, including, with the help of Barrie Gower prosthetics, Joycelyn playing an older man and a 'white South African woman', which led to another RTS nomination in recognition of her work.

For many seasons, Lisa worked with Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves on 'Shooting Stars' and shot the comedy drama 'Catterick', whilst also working on two series with the brilliant Simon Broderick on his 'The Lee Nelson Show'.

Whilst working with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on the hugely successful series 'Extras', Lisa had the chance to makeup some of Hollywood's great actors. "I was extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to makeup and work with such brilliant, talented artists."
Following 'Extras', work continued on their series 'Life's To Short' and with Ricky Gervais on the 'Derek' series.

Lisa's involvement in drama has proved equally successful as proved by her work with Helena Bonham Carter on a biopic about Enid Blyton that won her a BAFTA nomination, as well as the brilliant adaptation of 'The Suspicions of Mr Whicher' with Paddy Considine.
Lisa has continued her work in drama by designing the 'The Dogs of Riga' episode for the new 'Wallander' series starring Kenneth Branagh, which was shot on location in Riga and Sweden.
Additional drama credits include the brilliant 'London Spy' which gave her the opportunity to work with the talented Ben Whishaw and the creative director Jacob Verbruggen.

Commercials play another significant part in Lisa's working life. Spank films 'Nationwide' commercials and Stark films 'McDonalds' commercials earned her British Television Advertising Craft Award nominations.