Lisa Cavalli-Green
Hair & Makeup Designer

BAFTA Nomination for 'Enid', BAFTA Winner for 'Little Britain'
2 BAFTA Nominations, 4 RTS Awards and 6 Nominations
2 British Arrow Advertising Awards Nominations


Film/Television Credits include:

Flying Castles Ltd - 'Summerland feature film' Director Jessica Swale
Baby Cow Productions - 'This time with Alan Partridge' Director Neil Gibbons and Rob Gibbons
Yellow Door Productions - 'Urban myths Agatha Christie' Director Guillem Morales
Baby Cow Productions - 'High and Dry' Director Dave Lambert
Second Act Productions - 'The Nightly Show' Director Richard Van’t Reit
Netflix - 'Kiss Me First'Director Mish Manson Smith
Two brothers Pictures for Sky Arts - 'When Cary Grant introduced Timothy Leary to LSD Urban Myths'
Director Geoff Sax
talkback Thames - 'Roald Dahl Special' Director Neil Callow
BBC - 'Adele at the BBC as ‘Jenny’ Director Simon Staffurth

King Bert Prod. 'Britain's Favourite Children's Book with David Walliams' Director Matt Lipsey
King Bert Productions 'David Walliams and Friends' Director Matt Lipsey Producer Jo Seargeant
Two Brothers Pictures 'Fleabag' Director Tim Kirkby. Producer Lydia Hampson
Working Title for BBC1 'London Spy' Dir Jacob Verbruggen. Producer Guy Heeley

Working Title for BBC1 'The Secrets' Dir Dominic Savage. Producers Pete Coogan Guy Heeley
Pomp Productions for BBC1 'Pompidou' Directors/Producers Matt Lucas,
Charlie Hanson.

BBC 'Big School' Director Tony Dow. Producer Jo Sargent.
Brown Eyed Boy for ITV 'Vicious' Director Ed Bye
Producers Gary Reich / Gemma Rodgers.
BBC for BBC2 'Inside No 9' Director David Kerr. Producer Adam Tandy
Tantrum Films 'The Best Night of Roxy's Life' Director Chris Cottam
BBC for BBC1 'Gangsta Granny' Director Matt Lipsey. Producer Jo Sargent
BBC for BBC4 'Brian Pern' Director/Producer Rhys Thomas
Retort/Delightful Industries for C4 'The IT Crowd' Dir/Producer Graham Linehan

Derek Productions ‘Derek’ for Channel 4 Director Ricky Gervais
Hartswood Films for BBC ‘Me and Mrs Jones' Director Nick Hurran
Left Bank Pictures ‘Naked House’ Pilot Director Nick Wood
Cinema & TV Benevolent Fund 'Get Lucky' Producer Nigel Marchant
Director Norma Burke
BBC for BBC3 'Way To Go' Series Directors Catherine Moorshead, Jeff Greenstein Writer Bob Kushell

BBC for BBC 2 ‘Way To Go’ Pilot Director Steve Bendelack Writer Bob Kushell
Yellow Bird /Left Bank Pictures ‘Wallander’ ‘Dogs of Riga’ Director Esther May Campbell 
BBC2 ‘Life’s Too Short’ Directors Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant
Avalon for BBC3 ‘Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show’ Series 2
Directors Rebecca Rycroft / Peter Orton

BBC for BBC1 ‘Come Fly With Me’ Director Paul King (RTS Winner)
Hat Trick for ITV ‘The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher’ Director James Hawes
Pett Productions for BBC2 ‘Shooting Stars’ Director Ian Trill
Running Bare Pictures for Channel 4 ‘The Morganna Show’ Director James De Frond
BBC/Popper Productions for BBC2 ‘Watson and Oliver’ Pilot Director Juliet May
Avalon for BBC3 ‘Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show’ Directors Adam Wimpenny & Peter Orton

Can Do Productions for BBC 4 ‘The First Men In The Moon’
Director Damon Thomas
BBC for BBC2 ‘Beautiful People’ Series 2 Director David Kerr
Pett productions for BBC2 ‘Shooting Stars’ Director Ian Trill
Carnival for Channel 4 ‘ENID’ Director James Hawes (BAFTA Nomination)

Roughcut TV for ITV ‘Trinity’ Directors Colin Teague, Stephen Woofenden and Declan O’Dwyer
BBC for BBC2 ‘Beautiful People’ Director Gareth Carrivick
Tightrope Productions for ITV ‘The Children’ Director David Evans

FAQ Time Travel Films/HBO ‘Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel’ Feature Director Gareth Carrivick
BBC ‘The Age of Terror’ Director Steve Condie
BBC for BBC1 ‘Extras Christmas Special’ Directors Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais
Brown Eyed Boy for BBC 2 ‘Little Miss Joycelyn’ Series 2 Director Nic Phillips
BBC for BBC2 ‘The Ornate Johnsons’ Director Gareth Carrivick
Baby Cow Productions for BBC2 ‘Saxondale’ Director Matt Lipsey

Phil McIntyre Entertainment ‘Little Britain Live’ Australia Director Jeremy Sams
Haricot Productions ‘Mr. Bean 2’ Feature UK Shoot Director Steve Bendelack
BBC ‘Little Miss Joycelyn’ Director Gareth Carrivick (RTS Nomination)
Phil McIntyre Ent. 'Little Britain Live Tour’ Director Jeremy Sams
BBC ‘Little Britain’ Series 3 Director Declan Lowney (RTS Nomination)
BBC ‘Extras’ Series 1&2 Directors Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais
BBC ‘Little Britain’ Series 2 Director Matt Lipsey (RTS Winner & BAFTA Nomination)
Baby Cow ‘AD/BC A Rock Opera’ Director Richard Ayoade
BBC ‘Catterick’ Director Matt Lipsey
BBC ‘Little Britain’ Director Steve Bendelack (BAFTA Winner and RTS Winner)
Avalon ‘Garth Marengi’ Pilot Director Steve Bendelack
BBC ‘Little Britain' Pilot Director Graham Linehan/Gareth Carrivick (RTS Winner)
Tiger Aspect ‘Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie’ Series 2 Director Tristram Shapeero
BBC ‘Rock Profiles’ Director Gareth Carrivick
Crucial Films ‘The Lenny Henry Show’ Director Juliette May
Little Mo Films ‘The Lee Evans Show’ Director John Birkin.
Pozzitive TV ‘The Six Sides of Coogan’ Director Geoff Posner
Talkback ‘Brass Eye’ Director Michael Cummings
Talkback ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ Director Dominic Bridgestocke
Talkback ‘The Day Today’ Director Andrew Gilman

Commercials include:

Hungry Man 'Milk Tray' Director Steve Bendelack. Producer Ben Link
Hungry Man 'Smart Energy' Director David Kerr. Producer Claire Jones
Pointblank 'Premier Estates' Director Nicholas Reynolds. Producer Stephen Gash
Pointblank 'Ella's Kitchen' Director Dominic Savage. Producer Stephen Gash
Pointblank 'Coral' Director Nick Jones. Producer Stephen Gash
QI 'Oakland Furnitureland' Director David Kerr
Hotspur and Argyle 'Late Rooms' Director David Kerr
QI ‘Kelloggs Crunchy Nut’ Director John Lloyd. Series.
Spank Films ‘Nationwide’ Director Steve Bendelack (British Arrows Craft Award Nomination)
QI ‘Sainsbury’s’ Director Dominic Savage
Moon ‘Peugeot Idents’ Director David Kerr
Feel ‘Pimms’ Director Matt Lipsey
Large Corps Ltd ‘Halifax’ Director Simon Green
Paul Weiland Film Company ‘Oxo’ Director Richard Curtis
Academy ‘Nike’ Director Jonathan Glazier
Tomboy ‘Weetabix’ Director Mark Mylod
Stark Films ‘McDonald’s' Director Steve Reeves (British Advertising Awards Nomination)
Tomboy 'Remmington' Director Kirk Jones